Hand wash station – 6 sinks

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  • The hand washing station is composed of an independent water system which does not require any water entry.
  • The station has two water tanks, one for clean water containing 310 liters and the other for waste water which can hold 340 liters.
  • This station requires the service of emptying wastewater and filling the tanks according to their use. Maintenance can be done by the owner if he has access to the city’s water system.
  • The product is delivered assembled.
  • The screens affixed to each side of the sink are removable. They can be removed at any time.
  • A gauge allows you to see the amount of water remaining in each of the tanks.
  • The product is offered in stainless steel, painted steel or satin steel.
  • Weight of 220 pounds (100 kg) (empty)
  • Height (installed): 72 inches
  • Depth (installed): 70 inches
  • Width (installed): 81 inches
  • The water contained in the reservoirs is not drinkable.

The six-sink hand wash station is self-contained; it does not require any water entry. A pedal system allows the water to flow according to the quantity desired by the user. Each sink is equipped with a soap dispenser and a paper dispenser. Separators placed on each side of the station avoid being in direct contact with other users. The station is equipped with a water tank that can hold 310 liters. Its autonomy means that it can be placed anywhere in a room. In addition, the station is easily movable thanks to the insertion of threaded rods which allow a good grip.

* Available on large quantity order