Let’s work

Vétérinov helps you create the best space to facilitate your work and ensure the well-being of animals

Professional advice

Should your Cat-Condo allow more litter or living space? Should your dog kennel have a guillotine door? One or two doors? With a grid or with transparent plastic? Veterinov offers many options. To know which solutions are best suited to your environment, let us advise you. Our expertise is at your service. We will analyze your facilities and recommend the most suited equipment.

Custom-made to optimize space

Our team can provide you with precise plans for the use space of the pens and cages. You can get the most out of the square foot, while having easy access to cages and pens to clean them and feed the animals.


Vétérinov delivers throughout North America. Whether you live in Alabama, Alberta or Sherbrooke, rest assured that our products will reach you! For a request for a product in inventory, delivery times are between 5 and 15 days. For a quantity out of inventory or the production of a made-to-measure product, delivery times are between 4 and 12 weeks.

*Shipping only in Canada and United State.


Vétérinov offers you a hassle-free installation thanks to its experienced installers who will install all types of products in a stable and durable manner, regardless of the types of walls and floors.

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After sales service

You hadn’t bought the bowl racks for the dog kennels runs and now you want them? No problem! All our products are designed in such a way that the accessories can be added later.