The veterinary kennel & our priorities

Well-being redesigned

Veterinov offers you veterinary kennel for dogs that are resistant, aesthetic, functional and well thought out. Our dog runs specially developed to adapt to the needs of shelters and veterinary clinics are designed and built taking into account various criteria that are important to us.

Configure your kennel runs

You can configure the dog runs according to your tastes and your needs: type of wall, height, depth, width, front type, colour of the panels…

Options and Accessories

It is possible to add several accessories that facilitate the work of professionals and that provide well-being to animals: bowl support, anti-jumping sheet, transfer door…

From Coast to Coast

Our Canadian made Kennels are delivered all throughout the country.


Did you know that we garantee a 8 to 12 weeks lead time to manufacture your kennel runs project?

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Start your project now

As soon as you know the environment and the available space, become part of our project in order to optimize budget and time.

Custom-made design

Need help? A project that stand-out?

Our team can provide you with precise plans to optimized the use of your cages and your kennel runs.



Some achievements

Veterinov’s Kennel

a noticeable difference


We have designed our veterinary kennels with an attention to practicality.

Our dog kennel is an aesthetic and modern alternative to permanent concrete kennel runs. Its smooth panels are sealed, allowing them to be washed by hose. Our unique sealing moulding adapts to every floor to guarantee a proper fit at any angle.

Our Veterinov moulding is made of PVC using a co-extrusion manufacturing process. A flexible PVC ensures a complete seal by embracing the panel on each side, while a more rigid PVC ensures strength and resistance to the structure.

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Animal Comfort & Safety

Our design team created the kennel with a good attention to detail. All the senses of the animal have been taken into account:

Noise Reduction : The integration of plastic in our handle reduces vibrations and excessive metal-to-metal noise.

The animal and its environment : Adapted facades, size, transfer door, drainage.

Limitation of injuries and illnesses : Our kennel do not have any sharp edges that could injure the animal.

Veterinov moulding creates a biosecurity barrier on the ground.

Optimization of ventilation : Provide better ventilation and does not interfere with the animal’s sense of smell.

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Professional Comfort and Safety

Accessibility : A door offering more, a handle with a good grip, ensuring better control of the door, a structure offering unobstructed access at floor level, not to mention a door opening in both interior and exterior directions .

Safety : A kennel designed for latch has been added to the handle mechanism thus preventing unwanted opening (by tongue or muzzle). It is easy for the professional to remove the protective latch (inaccessible to the animal) using a finger.

The insertion of a plastic slide in the mechanism reduces aggressive sounds making its use more appreciated.

Cleaning and maintenance : A kennel designed for designed for ease of maintenance with common tools such as a garden hose and brush.

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