Bowl Holder

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Bowl Holder Feeding System

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750 mL Double holder, wall attachment

1.5 L Double holder, wall attachment

750 mL Double holder, door attachment

1.5 L Double holder, door attachment

1.5 L Single holder, wall or door attachment


Learn more about bowl holder

Our bowl holder has been designed to avoid overturning. It locks both from the inside or the outside of the kennel to facilitate the work of the professional. The spring retractable knob allows it to be automatically locked. Among other things, it is useful when weaning or automatically distributing food. Easy to maintain, it is quickly disassembled and is washable in the dishwasher.

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Anti-Jumping Sheet

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Find out more about the anti-jumping sheet for kennels

To prevent a dog from jumping over an kennel runs, it is possible to add an anti-jumper, a canvas specially designed for Vétérinov kennels runs. Easy to assemble, this canvas can be installed on all dog kennels runs. In addition, it requires little storage space since it can be dismantled like a tent. To maintain it, simply wash it with water and mild soap.

Transfer Door

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Learn more about transfer doors

To meet the standards of animal welfare, we have designed a transfer door that allows dogs to enjoy a larger living space by making unoccupied kennels available to them.

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