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Canadian veterinary equipment proudly designed to last

Veterinov is a new way of approaching animal welfare. Our equipment is designed to offer maximum comfort and safety to animals, in addition to facilitating the work of professionals. We invite you to discover our universe!



Thanks to the quality of the materials used, our veterinary equipments are strong and designed to last.


Veterinov’s specialists have developed a series of details and accessories that make the difference in professionals life. Our veterinary equipments are design to make work easier, faster and safer.


From design to manufacturing, every detail has been thought out to optimize quality.

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Meet Catherine Siouffi Pearce

Meet Catherine Siouffi Pearce

Who is our Animal Health Consultant, Catherine Siouffi Pearce? She is an amazing woman, mother of the beautiful daughters, animal’s lover and graduated from University of Queensland, Australia.

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Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Meeting the Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Once handcrafted according to previous standards, Veterinov’s veterinary equipment has now been redesigned and adapted with unique and functional features to surpass current needs and customer requirements. Our product is now at the cutting edge of technology.

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