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What makes Vétérinov different from other competitors?

Vétérinov has developed veterinary equipment that is recognized for its unique designs, biosecurity and durability.

Our kennel runs is distinguished by its innovative concept. We have developed a PVC waterproofing molding that adheres to any floor, even sloping or porous; this way you are guaranteed to have no substance leakage. This biosecure barrier thus prevents cross contamination, a major problem in animal shelters. Vétérinov’s waterproofing moldings are screwed to the wall and to the floor. The spongy compound flattens to the ground and forms a tightly sealed barrier that is resistant to chemicals and urine.

Our veterinary tables have modern features. The utility examination table adapts to the needs of veterinarians with its adjustable legs or casters. A shelf adjustable to 2 heights is also available for more convenience during exams. Our wall mounted folding table has an interesting design due to its hidden mechanism. It can withstand heavy loads and is easily handled with one hand.

Stainless steel cat cages are ergonomic and easy to clean. The materials used are antibacterial. Polycarbonate and polypropylene accessories are dishwasher safe.

Why choose Vétérinov?

Our Quebec company specializes in manufacturing high-end veterinary equipment that is designed to last. Vétérinov is a young dynamic company whose mission is to design products that are at the same time durable, ergonomic, safe and easy to maintain. In addition, our experts have developed adaptive accessories that are dishwasher safe to optimize working time. Choosing Vétérinov products means supporting a local company that takes animal welfare and the safety of professionals to heart.

Is it possible to get spare parts?

The unique design of veterinary equipment Veterinov allows any part to be changed or added after purchase. If you have not obtained the Bowl holder for the dog kennel runs or you would like additional shelves for your cat’s cage-condo , just contact us to order the additional part.

Does the delivery reach my clinic?

Vétérinov delivers throughout North America (Canada, United States, Mexico). For a request for a product in inventory, delivery times are between 5 and 15 working days. For a quantity out of inventory or the production of a made-to-measure product, delivery times are between 4 and 8 weeks.

How are the products maintained?

Vétérinov products are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with the cleaning products recommended by the MAPAQ. For a shiny, streak-free finish, all you need to do is clean stainless steel with a biodegradable sanitizer specially designed for stainless steel. In addition, several removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Can I install the equipment myself?

All Vétérinov products come with an assembly drawing. It is possible to assemble the examination tables and the cat cages yourself. Regarding dog kennel runs , it is recommended to do business with our installers given the complexity of the assembly. Installation by our experts guarantees the stability of the enclosure and the waterproofing of the molding, properly installed.

Is the equipment safe for animals?

Vétérinov has designed its products taking into account important details for animal safety: efficient air circulation, rounded corners to limit residues, anti-vibration pad and polypropylene latch to limit noise, glass door improving biosecurity, nothing is not left to chance to accommodate animals.

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You hadn’t bought the bowl racks for the dog kennel runs and now you want them? No problem! All our products are designed in such a way that the accessories can be added later.