Veterinary cages

Our veterinary equipment: perfection in the details

The stainless steel veterinary cages designed by Vétérinov have many characteristics that delight cats and facilitate the work of professionals.

Our cages for cats and small animals are made with great care. Sturdy construction, reinforced corners, anti-vibration cushions, soundproofing, silent door latch, etc., nothing is left to chance.

Veterinary Cages with unique advantages

Durable, attractive, easy to maintain and simple to use on a daily basis, stainless steel veterinary cages meet today’s needs.



The cages are delivered assembled; You have nothing to do! In addition, all types of cage are modular. It is possible to mix several kinds to create a module to suit your needs.


Without center post

Unlike current products on the market, the double-door cage has no central post, which is practical for large animals and cage maintenance.


Practical accessories

The cat cage-condo contains several removable sections and accessories that prevent the accumulation of unwanted materials. For maintenance, simply unscrew the two button screws to remove the accessories. These are made of polycarbonate, a material suitable for washing in the dishwasher. Maintenance is therefore facilitated.


A comfortable living space

The Vétérinov cat cage-condo contains two spaces: a living space and a grooming space. The division of these two spaces has a positive impact on the well-being of the animal since it has a larger living area and it simplifies maintenance for professionals. You also have the opportunity to configure the cage-condo according to your needs: a space of 18/12, 18/18, 30/18 … you decide!



Custom-made design

Need help? A project that stands-out?

Our team can provide you with precise plans to optimize the use of your cages and dog kennels.

You have any questions, or a problems or you want to know more about one of our products?