Veterinov’s participation in Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals 2024

Apr 24, 2024 | Uncategorized

Veterinov stands out in the veterinary world for its commitment to animal welfare, embodied in a range of cutting-edge products (cages, tables and pens for professional use) and tailor-made solutions to suit every situation. Vétérinov was founded on a shared passion to improve the lives of animals and simplify the daily lives of the professionals who care for them. This mission, though seemingly simple, is driven by a boundless ambition: to offer effective solutions that make a real contribution. With this in mind, Veterinov is preparing to take part in Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals, to be held in Halifax from May 5 to 7, 2024.

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About Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals

Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals marks progress and innovation in animal welfare through its original setting and multi-disciplinary educational program focusing on access to care, understanding the welfare of wild, farmed and companion animals, raising awareness and integrating human and animal services, and many other areas that will be at the heart of the event. This summit is an unmissable opportunity for all those involved in the cause of animal welfare, with renowned speakers including Alison Cuffley, Alexander von Kaldenberg, Anna-Lee Fitzsimmons, Ann-Marie Patkus, Andrew Gibson, Jasmin Robinson, Hon. Pierre Dalphond, to mention just a few.


Veterinov’s involvement in Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals

Veterinov is delighted to be taking part in Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals, with a view to sharing our passion and commitment to animal welfare. This event is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our solutions for improving veterinary care. It’s an opportunity for us to show our dedication and demonstrate how our research and developments help provide quality care while respecting animal welfare.

Veterinov’s expectations and objectives

At Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals, we are showcasing our quest for excellence and our aspiration to make our presence felt across Canada for animal welfare and to be closer to our customers.
The stainless steel wall-mounted retractable table we proudly display embodies our dedication to providing efficient, practical solutions for industry professionals. This table, optimized for small spaces and designed for ease of use and hygiene, is just one example of our range of products for animal health professionals. Combining stability, durability and a sleek design, it allows professionals to focus on what really matters: animal care.

Veterinov’s participation is an important milestone in our commitment to animal welfare. We see this event as an invaluable opportunity to dialogue, learn and collaborate for the good of all animals. We invite you to join us in Halifax as we move towards a future where animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do.

Veterinov at Humane Canada’s Summit For Animals symbolize the vanguard of animal welfare, perfectly illustrating how innovation and collaboration can transform our approach to animal health. Join us in this adventure, and together we’ll write the next chapter in animal welfare.
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Let’s work together for animal welfare!

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