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Dec 16, 2021 | Articles

Once handcrafted according to previous standards, Veterinov’s veterinary equipment has now been redesigned and adapted with unique and functional features to surpass current needs and customer requirements.

Our product is now at the cutting edge of technology. While standards set for the animal industry are ever-increasing, choosing a Veterinov product helps you meet future demand and ensures your purchase is a good short and long term investment.

A Durable Allow

Laser cutting and precision folding make veterinary cages safer and more ergonomic. The thickness of the 20-gauge stainless steel used provides better weld quality and superior cage soundproofing.

A Silent Door Latch

A door latch made of polypropylene plastic is placed on each and every cage. No need to pay extra for it! These silent latches help reduce cats’ stress, which are known to hear sounds 2 to 5 times louder than humans.

Innovative Doors

In addition to the conventional wire mesh door, Veterinov offers a door made of polycarbonate, a plastic that is ultra-resistant to daily washing. It’s also a hard and rigid material that is difficult to scratch. Its strength and impact resistance make it an ideal solution for veterinarians. (1)

Those glass-like doors were designed to optimize the ventilation of the cage. The plastic is cut at various points in the door and those openings have been carefully thought to prevent animals from stranding their paws. The unique design of the glass doors gives the animals a sense of freedom since nothing hinders their visual. In addition, the interactions between the cat and its caretaker are bio-safe and the caretaker does not run the risk of getting scratched.

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(1) INRS. (2019). Polycarbonate. Retrieved at www.inrs.fr/POLYMERE_PC.pdf

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