Oxygen therapy door

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Discover the Oxygen Therapy Door - a major innovation that combines cutting-edge design and unprecedented functionality, redefining the standards of pet care environments. This intelligent solution is designed to improve the well-being of your animals while optimizing the efficiency of your practice.

Key features :

  • AR2 * : Manufactured in Ar polycarbonate with a surface coating offering superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals.
  • Gasket durable on 3 sides for optimum sealing.
  • Temperature and humidity control thanks to a top-mounted ventilation damper for precise environmental control.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer for real-time readout of cabin atmosphere parameters.
  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation, transforming any standard cage into an incubator in less than 2 minutes, with no tools required.
  • Available sizes : Choose from a wide range of sizes to fit your space perfectly
    • 24x24 SD*
    • 24x30 SD
    • 30x24 SD
    • 30x30 SD
    • 30x36 SD
    • 36x24 SD
    • 36x30 SD
    • 36x36 SD

Innovative benefits :

  • Clarity in care : A sleek design ensures an unobstructed view of your animals, with components strategically placed around the periphery.
  • Lasting experience : Our door offers a long-lasting experience thanks to the materials used (AR2 grade polycarbonate),
  • Efficient maneuvers : Our access hatch makes it easy to carry out minor work on your animals without having to de-saturate the entire passenger compartment.
  • CO2 elimination : Forget worries about CO2 build-up. Our door naturally disperses CO2 without a seal at the bottom.
  • Adaptable design : Personalize your space with a reversible door, opening left or right to suit your needs.
  • Integrated monitoring (optional) : Stay in control with an integrated oxygen monitor, ensuring optimum saturation levels in the cabin.

The Oxygen Therapy Door is the ultimate solution for demanding professionals, combining cutting-edge technology and ease of use for the well-being and safety of your animals. Transform your practice with this revolutionary door and offer unrivalled quality of care.

* AR2
AR2 grade refers to a specific type of polycarbonate coated with a protective film (invisible) treated on both sides to offer enhanced resistance to scratches and other abrasions. This grade of polycarbonate improves resistance to wear or damage caused by repeated rubbing or contact with fine particles. However, this does not necessarily mean that the material is resistant to deep cuts or scratches caused by sharp, hard objects, such as a cat's claws.

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