Double door stainless steel veterinary cage

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The double door stainless steel cage is very practical for large animals. The design without a center post makes it easier to insert a sleeping or reduced-mobility animal. This cage is available with a screen door or with a clear polycarbonate door which facilitates maintenance while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between residents.


  • The design without a central upright allows better accessibility for large dogs, awake or with reduced mobility.
  • The space between the door and the body of the cage is kept to a minimum for the safety of the animals.
  • The housing is sturdy: it is made of 20 gauge sheet metal.
  • The hinges are made of stainless steel to guarantee strength and resistance year after year.
  • The inner corners of the cage are rounded to prevent dust, dirt and debris from getting lodged in it. Maintenance is made easier.
  • The latches are made of polypropylene which softens the closure and reduces noise.
  • The floor is slightly recessed, so that liquids do not flow on the front.
  • The rods that make up the screen doors are round so that dirt cannot accumulate on them.
  • Translucent doors are made from a grade of polycarbonate that withstands cat’s scratching or daily washing, so they won’t tarnish over time.
  • Inserts are made in the bottom and top of the polycarbonate door to promote adequate air circulation in the animal’s cabin.
  • All cages are stackable to create the module that best suits your needs.