Biosecurity, A Priority

Dec 16, 2021 | Articles

The issue of biosecurity is one that should not be overlooked, whether in domestic animal environments, on the farm or in research laboratories. Responsibility for biosecurity is shared by every entity responsible for the welfare of an animal. (1) As a veterinary equipment company, we have made biosecurity one of our priorities.

What is in fact biosecurity? Animal biosecurity means, in a veterinary context, “any measures taken to prevent pathogens from infecting populations, herds or groups of animals where they do not yet exist.”(2) The aim is to protect animals against the introduction of new pathogens and to limit the spread of any existing disease.

Improving biosecurity has many advantages, such as improved animal welfare and improved overall health, reduced risks of resistant pathogens emerging and improved productivity for professionals. (3) We have therefore developed a cage with many bio-safe features such as our polycarbonate door, which prevents the transmission of microbes from one animal to another during sneezing, for example. At Veterinov, we consider biosecurity in the design and manufacture of our veterinary equipment to offer the best housing solutions on the market.

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Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash