Bowl holder

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  • The bowl stand is made of stainless steel.
  • For maintenance, just unscrew the wing screw to remove it from the door.
  • Its sturdiness prevents it from bending under the weight of small animals.

The Vétérinov bowl holder has been developed taking into account the needs of animals and professionals. Made of stainless steel, it accommodates a 400 ml bowl, the perfect size for watering cats or small dogs.

It is specially designed to fit all Vétérinov cages. The versatility of its device allows it to be easily attached to the two models of door (grille or polycarbonate). More precisely, it fits into the ventilation spaces of the polycarbonate door and between the grilles of the screen door. Depending on requirements, it can be arranged at different heights in the door. It is also possible to add several if the size of the cage allows it.