Cage cover panel

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To know the size and quantity of panels needed, you must first calculate the length and height of your cage or your cage module. Subsequently, you must take into account the dimension (6×6) of the corners that surround the panels. Then, you select the panels that suit your measurements by deducting the dimension of the corners.

For example, a module combining 3 cages (30 x 36, 48 x 36 and 36 x 36) will require 2 corners (6×6), 2 panels of 30 inches for the sides and 4 panels (3 panels of 24 inches and a panel of 30 inches) for the top.

The stainless steel cover panels are designed to enhance the aesthetics and finish of Vétérinov cages. These panels allow the cage to have the appearance of a piece of furniture or a cabinet. Each Vétérinov cage has a space to accommodate a cover panel. Thus, they can be installed on all Vétérinov cage models, regardless of the date of purchase.

The installation of the cover panels is facilitated by the bolts. The panel is assembled with screws; no welding or gluing is necessary. Stainless steel corners allow all panels to join. Also, when the cages are arranged in a module, the finishing panel prevents dust from accumulating between two cages.