Folding Wall Mounted table

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  • This wall mounted retractable table has no visible fixing screws.
  • Its durable work surface is made of 304 18ga stainless steel.
  • Internal rubber bearings make it very quiet.
  • The two-point locking system hidden under the table ensures its stability.
  • It opens and closes with one hand.
  • This table uses only 2.25 inches of space in the closed position.
  • No mechanism is apparent.
  • Magnets keep the table in the closed position.

The stainless steel wall-mounted pull-out table is a must have in tight spaces. Specially designed for the needs of veterinary clinics and shelters, it maximizes the floor space of your examination room. In addition to being silent, it only requires one hand to open and close. When in the closed position, no mechanism is visible, which improves aesthetics and prevents dust from entering. Its self-locking two-point locking system allows it to have a load capacity of 200 pounds.